Nail ideas for Lunar New Year

Hello there! We have looked through pinterest and found a few interesting nail designs that you might like! Still not too late to paint your nails for the upcoming Lunar New Year!

All five of this designs is quite easy to do, so try it out and match it with your new outfit for the special occasion! 

Don't forget your nails while dressing up! xx

Top 10 wardrobe essentials

Hey ladies, it's a fashion post again this time! We think all of us girls need at least 5-10 basic wardrobe essentials for all kinds of pairings. So here's the 10 essentials that we think are useful and would be great for pairing from time to time.

1) Plain white tee : This is one of the most important piece that should be in all of our wardrobe. It's great for pairing with basically, ANYTHING. Depending what you pair it with, you will have a fun, edgy, cool, or even an elegant look! Wear it with a denim shorts for a casual and fun day out!

2) Little black dress : This dress here will save you from the all time first world problem - 'what to wear' . If you're unsure of what to wear, put on your little black dress! Add on some accessories to amp up your look.

3) Black leggings : These are great for a casual day out with friends or your loved ones. It gives a slimmer and longer visual of your legs!

4) Skinnies : Denim will never go out of season so this piece is a great keeper. You can keep them as long as you want without worrying if it will still look trendy after 10 years. Denim is great for pairing with tees, tank tops, or even a comfy hoodie! So if you don't already have at least one in your wardrobe right now, go get them now!

5) Plain skirt : Skirts always bring out the feminine side of girls. So if you are going for a sweet and feminine look, wear a skirt for that day! Besides, skirts are super comfortable to wear too!

6) Cardigan : If you're afraid of the cold, or if you want to hide your arms in that sleeveless blouse, put on a cardigan that suits you perfectly. There are many nice cardigans of different colour choices out for sale these days so go get one if you haven't! It softens the look and can be worn over almost everything.

7) Romper :  Im sure all of you have days when you feel lazy to dress up! So a romper should definitely be in our wardrobe. Just put on your favorite romper and still look effortlessly chic! All you need to do is just put on some of your favorite accessories and a hairband to get you going for the day.

8) Brown bag : Brown bags never go out of fashion, just like denims! They look good on any outfit be it for brunch or an expensive night out. Add this to your top 10 wardrobe essentials!

9) Ballerina flats : Ballerina flats are must haves for every girl! It's good to let your legs take a day or two off from your five inches high heels. Its great for shopping time when you need to do a lot of walking for the day.

10) Classic pumps : This pair of heels flatters your entire look once you put them on. It makes your legs appear longer and it gives an elegant touch to the outfit. There are plenty of other colors to these pumps these days so you can pick any color that will look great for any outfits.

It's not too late to get your top 10 wardrobe essentials now!

Have a great day ahead peeps, xx

Oufits for Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year)

Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) is just around the corner! So let's celebrate this festive season in style! For those who don't celebrate this festival, these are also outfits you can wear for any events!

We've chosen this red top to pair with a white skirt to match the Chinese New Year color theme. This outfit gives a vibrant and energetic look yet looking classy. The grey bag tones down the bright red color.

red top - Forever21 | white skirt - n.a | red pumps - KurtGeiger | necklace - Tiffany&Co | arm candy - BodyCentral | grey bag - Lipsy

You can also opt for GOLD for those who don't like the typical bold RED color.  Complete this sweet and feminine look by putting on a baby pink lip color!

gold top - Kaufmanfranco | yellow skirt - ForeverNew | collar necklace - GemmaLister | white bag - HenriBendel | sandals - SteveMadden | flats - SteveMadden | pink lipstick - Lancome

This high-waisted shorts paired up with either one of the white tops gives a casual yet presentable and elegant look. Pair with gold accessories and red lipstick to enhance the look! 

white jeweled top - GiambatisttaValli | white plain top - RiverIsland | shorts - MissSelfridge | bag - LKBenett | heels - Wallis | red lipstick - NewLook | bracelet - ForeverNew | dove earrings - Diva

Don't like wearing skirts and shorts? This fourth pairing would be great for you! Chinese New Year is all about fun so we've decided to pair this printed bird top with white skinnies which gives out a fun and happy aura. The blue pumps with gold tip and accessories enhances this look even more!

top - Tibi | white pants - Closed | blue pumps - n.a | bangles - SaintMartin | bag - Reiss | earrings - HenriBendel

Till then! xx

Best places to shop in Bangkok

Bangkok is known to be the shopaholics' paradise. After visiting Bangkok for several times, we've decided that the TOP 3 places to shop are the famous PLATINUM MALL, CHATUCHAK and ASIATIQUE. If you are planning to look for cheap and nice clothings, accessories and bags, these two places will be best for you.

1. PLATINUM MALL (2000++ shops)

Clothes in Platinum Mall
What you can find : Clothes, clothes and more clothes. There are Superdry t-shirts knock-offs which are of similar quality to the authentic ones! You can also find plenty of bags sold at zone 3, level 3. The price range in Platinum for clothes is about 250 Baht to 400 Baht. Get your clothes at wholesale prices when you buy 2 or more pieces and it is not necessary to get the same designs. The wholesale prices are fixed as long as you buy 2 pieces and above, so you might get a black face from the shop owner if you try to haggle more. There are also shops selling korean quality fashion and hair accessories, ranging from 100 Baht to 200 Baht on the whole of 5th floor. We were also surprised to find knock-off makeup brushes (MAC, Sigma etc) of good quality for about 150 Baht here as well. These are sold at stalls next to the escalators and not in the proper shop units.

How to get there : The most convenient way is of course, to take the taxi. Taxi fares in Bangkok is pretty cheap compared to other countries especially if you are going in a group. It would be more worth it to take a taxi and split the fare among yourselves, but remember to insist to have the fare calculated by meter.  To avoid traffic jams, take the BTS and stop at Chit Lom. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the Chit Lom BTS station to the mall. You can also stop at Ratchathewi, which is about 10-15 mins walk to the mall.

Opening hours : SAT, SUN, WED : 08.00 - 20.00 ; MON, TUE, THU, FRI : 09.00 - 20.00


Entrance to Chatuchak Market
What you can find : Nice phone covers for less than 69-89 Baht. High-waisted shorts for 80 Baht. You will also see a couple of stalls by the road selling coconut ice creams but we found a cute small shop with wooden tables and chairs at Section 15 that sells awesome coconut ice cream with various toppings you can choose from! Don't forget to try their fresh orange juice with no added sugar when you're at Chatuchak! If you find haggling fun, this is the place for you! We always get summer dresses here for only 150 Baht, after haggling. Shop owners here are friendly and very willing to give lower prices if you buy more.

chatuchak orange juice
Coconut ice cream at Chatuchak

How to get there : Take the BTS and stop at Mo Chit station (Terminal Station). You will see many stalls set up along the road on the way to the market. It's just a fair 5 mins walking distance from the station to the market. There are many food stalls here so you do not necessarily need to eat before you go!

Opening hours : 6.00 a.m - 2.00 a.m (Weekends only)


Asiatique night view
What can you buy : Local designer clothes, tribal-style clothes and handcrafted stuff. The clothes style is rather vintage-y here! However, the prices are slightly higher compared to Platinum Mall and Chatuchak. (Price range : 250 - 600 Baht).  You can haggle here as well but they usually give only 20-30% discounts. There are many restaurants that are decorated beautifully over here and the food is not too expensive.This place will also be great for couples who want to have a romantic dinner after shopping!

How to get there : There are a couple of ways to get to Asiatique. What we love to do is to take the BTS (again) and stop at the Saphan Taksin station. We then take a free Asiatique shuttle boat from the Central Pier (5 minutes walk from BTS station) to Asiatique. Click here for the complete guide of how to get there on their own website.

Opening hours : 4.00 p.m - 11.00 p.m

Places that are not recommended for cheap fashion shopping: Chinatown and MBK mall. But if you want to buy cheap lower quality accessories and hair ties, Chinatown would be great for you. However, most of the stalls there require you to buy a minimum of 6 pieces. Meanwhile, if you are interested to tailor make your clothes and to get fake branded tees at a low price (about 250 Baht), MBK mall (6th Floor) would be suitable for you. There is also a departmental store called Tokyu in the mall which sells pretty clothes but the prices are at the higher end (800 Baht and above).

Easy Portuguese Egg Tart Recipe

Portuguese egg tarts! We drool at the sight of their fluffy pastry and soft, silky egg custard. Here's a simple recipe on how to make these yummy tarts, and we promise you that it will be super easy! No mixer needed, you will just need simple culinary tools. This recipe we are sharing here makes 25 tarts.

Ingredients :

500g ready-made puff pastry

For the filling:
300g milk
200g whipping cream
80g sugar
3 egg yolks
3 eggs
2/3 tsp of vanilla essence

Method :

1) Roll out the pastry to a rectangular shape about 4-5mm thick and then roll it up in a Swiss roll form. Chill until firm if its at room temperature.

2) While the pastry is in the fridge, start making the filling. Cook whipping cream and the milk until you see a bit of steam but not boiling. Stir in the sugar and heat until sugar fully dissolved. Remove from heat and add the mixture slowly into the beaten eggs and egg yolks in another bowl. Mix well. Add in the vanilla essence to the mixture. Set aside to cool.

3) After the pastry becomes firm, divide the pastry into 25g portions. Flatten the pastry and roll it out into about 3mm thickness. Press it into tart moulds.

4) Pour the filling into the pastry tarts. Then bake it at 220 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Note: Pastry shrinks when it's heated but do not worry about it, it will turn out fine!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Ever felt like there is nothing left to give or make for your boyfriend of many years or husband during special occasions? Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I'm sure many of you would be having trouble thinking of what to get this time! Well, fret not! We've got some ideas that may give you an inspiration of what to do or get.

First of all, make sure you know your partner's personality and character well. To us, there are two main categories of men: 

1. one that appreciates and prefers DIY stuff like homemade cards, scrapbook or handmade photo frames to receive as a gift on Valentines,

2. there are also those who do not see the meaning behind all this gifts. So don't waste time making DIY stuff for those who do not fancy these things, but instead buy them gifts that they've been longing for or something that both of you could wear it out as a couple. 

Here are 5 gift ideas for the men who prefers handmade stuff

1) A handmade scrapbook which consists of the photos and memories of the both of you. 

 Find out what materials were used and check out the template used for this scrapbook here.

A cuter version!

2) Cute fruit roll-ups with love notes inside! 

Who could resist this cute way of expressing your love?! Here's how to do it!

3) Make him love coupons that lasts for two weeks!

How cute can this little coupons be! Add in activities that you both love doing together! Download the template here

 You will probably love this one too! Check out the template for this coupon here.

4) Handpick 14 sentimental gifts and wrap it all in one big box!

Who doesn't love presents? Even better, 14 of them at one go! It doesn't have to be expensive, but a sentimental gift or just something that he likes even if it's just a pack of chocolate chip cookie would be great! Put it all in one big box and he will have fun unwrapping each individual gifts one by one!

5) Cupcakes!

Bake him this lovely set of cupcakes and he will definitely appreciate the effort you put in! You can find the recipe here.

Here are the other 5 gift ideas for men who prefer things that they can use!

1) Wallet

Wallets are great as gifts for men and if you want to put some meaning into the gift, insert a picture of both of you in the clear compartment of the wallet! You can find the Gucci wallet here. For a cheaper version, the brown leather wallet is great too! 

2) Bring him for a vacation by the beach.

Maldives would be a great place to go for a vacation! Of course, there's not only Maldives, but other beaches will do too! While you're there, why not cook a few of his favorite dishes and pack it along to have picnic by the beach as well! 

3) Watches

Get him a couple watch! It would be a great gift as it means together-ness especially for this special occasion. You can get this pair of watches here.

4) Set up a candlelight dinner just for the both of you and cook for him!

What could be more romantic than a simple candlelight dinner at your place? He would be happy to have you cook for him and spend the night together in such a cosy environment. Watch both your favorite movie together after a great dinner. 

5) Get model kits for your men if they love to collect them! 

Assemble the model kits together with your partner and I'm sure they will be glad to have you spend time and fix it with them!

We hope this ideas will help you out a little! Till then,  xx

Maxi skirt pairings

Hey guys! We've got a new outfit post for you to give you some ideas on how to pair with maxi skirts! I've noticed that they are many maxi skirts in stores this season and its time for you to get one if you haven't already done so!

Maxi skirts are great for simple girls day out or even a date night to an expensive restaurant. Lets get to the first pairing!

White maxi skirt is one of our favourite wardrobe essentials! It gives a soft and elegant touch to an outfit so we've decided to pair it with a navy blue v-neck cropped top to give a slimmer appearance since the skirt is flowy. Put up a messy style back hair braid for a cuter and more casual look!

navy blue cropped top - Topshop | white maxi skirt - EtienneDeroeux | white sandals - DolceVita | navy and gold bangles - SaintMartin | navy blue bag - ZacZacPosen | black studs - KateSpade

Don't like plain coloured maxi skirts? Go for printed ones like this next pairing!

 This printed maxi gives a fun look so we've paired it with a skin showing black top to make it look less conservative. Tie your hair up in a high ponytail to give an edgy look to the entire outfit.

black top - RiverIsland | printed maxi skirt - Kenzo | turquoise sandals - Austique | perfume - MarcJacobs | mint sling bag - SophieHulme | white watch - ForeverNew

That's all we have for today! xx

Body Info : The Lymphatic System

Q : Why do we need the lymphatic system ?
A: The lymphatic system transports toxins and unwanted materials through the colorless fluid called 'lymph', to be excreted by the body. It also functions to transport white blood cells (disease-fighting cells) to and from the lymph nodes and bone marrow. 

The lymph nodes act as scanners for diseases and are found mostly at the neck, armpit and groin regions. Lymph nodes can swell up due to reasons such as injuries, infections and cancers in serious cases. Swollen lymph nodes are usually tender and pain to touch. Sometimes, the skin covering swollen lymph nodes turns red and warm. 

It is important to ensure smooth flowing lymphatic system, not only for a healthier immune system but also for easier weight loss! This might be good news to all ladies out there who are working out very hard but see slow improvements in their weight loss progress, especially at the UPPER THIGHS and ARMPIT areas.

How to have better lymphatic circulation, you ask?

Now, because the lymph flows only in one direction which is aided by the contractions of our skeletal muscles, the very first way to improve our lymph circulation is to EXERCISE! Believe it or not, the best exercise that can help is jumping on a trampoline (REBOUNDING)! It is found that such exercise increases lymph flow by 15 to 30 times due to the gravitational pressure adding on to muscle contractions while jumping.

To elaborate more on the rebounding exercise, it is an exercise safe for almost anybody of any age! It doesn't hurt the knees like how other exercises do. It does not only improve blood and lymph circulation, but also have other benefits such as muscle toning, reduce stress and tension, lowers cholesterol and increases body co-ordination and balance. It's also super fun to do!

Here's a rebounding workout video for beginners!

If you can't find a trampoline nearby, doing some stretching and aerobic exercises is better than not doing anything!

You may hear this many times before, but WATER is the key to a better lymphatic system. Drink about 2 litres of water everyday. That excludes other drinks such as coffee, hot chocolates and juices.

Enzymes in RAW FRUITS and VEGETABLES are known to be lymph cleansers. So eat more fruits and greens, but eat them on an empty stomach for best results.

Sorry to all fans of DESSERTS and SOFT DRINKS but you have to ditch your favourite chocolate cake or sodas if you want a healthier lymphatic system!

You can also treat yourself to a relaxing MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE at a reputable spa centre every now and then to stimulate your lymph flow.

Last but not least, an interesting way of stimulating good lymph circulation is ALTERNATING COLD AND HOT SHOWERS. This is because hot water causes the lymphatic vessels to dilate while cold water contracts them, increasing peristalsis which causes flow of lymph in the vessels.

Do all these before it's too late, for a healthier and a more beautiful you! xx

Date Outfit Ideas

Thinking of what to wear for your next date? We're here to give you some help! We are sure you want to impress your partner, be it your very first date or your boyfriend of many years. 

If you are going for a first date, we think this outfit is perfect as it is simple and sweet. It is classy and you will not look overdressed. Swap high heels for kitten heels if you are afraid of tripping over things while still portraying an elegant look.

statement necklace - Maurices | gold bangles - ForeverNew | gold sequin dress - DorothyPerkins | cream sling bag - MarcbyMarcJacobs | gold kitten heels - JCrew | nude strap heels - AnneMichelle | baby pink lipstick - TopShop | jasmine noir perfume - Bvlgari 

Great outfit for a casual movie night! Wear comfy sweaters to stay warm in the cinemas. Floral prints on this sweater we picked gives some personality to the outfit. Try the famous "no-makeup look" for a natural and fresh appearance.

grey floral sweater - MCQAlexanderMcQueen | hot pink skinnies - Barneys | pink pumps - ManoloBlahnik | black watch - MarcbyMarcJacobs | brown bag - MonsoonUK | grey beanie - BartsHudson 

Looking for an outfit to impress your boyfriend of five years? We think this outfit is good for special occasion dates like anniversaries or valentines' day dinners. The classic pearl earrings always look simple yet sophisticated. Grey bag and heels work to tone down the vibrant orange color, while the coral lip color gives a sweet look.

white bralet top - Topshop | bright orange high waisted skirt - | grey heels - JimmyChoo | coral lipstick - TheHut | grey sling bag - NinaRichi | white watch - Burberry | pearl earrings - eBay 

All the best to those who are going for a first date and for the rest, enjoy your date! xx

Ways to get rid of bad breath

Feeling less confident when talking to someone due to your bad breath? Find out why and how to cure it!

There are many people who are experiencing this problem so don't be shy to ask for help if its affecting your daily life. It is not something you should be ashamed off. The following few methods are known to cure or reduce bad breath. Try it for yourself!

1. Practice a good oral hygiene

One of the most famous reason for having bad breath is poor oral hygiene. This causes excess bacteria build up in the mouth which gives out a smelly odor. Brush your teeth at least twice daily and after your meals if possible. This is because bacteria lives on the food particles left in your mouth after eating and they release certain sulphuric compounds which gives out that trashy smell.

2.  Keep your tongue clean

If you haven't already know, 90% of bad breath cases are caused by the tongue. The tongue has a large surface area for bacteria to grow on it. Don't just brush your teeth, clean your tongue as well! It is equally important! Gently brush it with a soft nylon toothbrush or a tongue cleaner after you brush your teeth. You can easily get a cheap one in the supermarket these days.

3. Drink More Water!

The drier your mouth, the worse your breath gets. By drinking water, it will prevent bacteria from building up in your mouth. Also, don't replace your 8 cups minimum of water daily with other sugary drinks especially sodas. The sugar in the drinks will cause the bacteria to multiply and also causes cavities which also leads to bad breath. Try putting 1 tablespoon of lemon juice into your water everyday as it helps eliminate bad breath.

4. Avoid breath mints and/or gum that contain sugar

Do not be fooled when you see statements like "for fresh breath" on breath mints/gum packages! It will only give a temporary effect which only lasts less than an hour and will actually worsen your breath after the mint effect is gone. Chew on fresh mint leaves instead! The mint leaves will give a longer lasting fresh breath, plus it can be found easily!

5. Blow your nose more often

Your breath gets worse when you have allergies, post-nasal drip or a common cold. This is because when your nose is blocked, you tend to breathe more using your mouth instead of the nose since its all clogged up, hence it will cause the mouth to be dry causing less saliva to filter the bacteria in the mouth. If you are experiencing this, try going to the doctor to cure the root of the problem instead!

6. Stop Smoking

It will give you bad breath in a nanosecond, but may only take 20 years to kill you!The chemicals in the cigarette are known to cause bad breath as the chemicals will accumulate and be deposited in your mouth.

In addition to the things mentioned above, eat your way to fresher breath! Here is a list of food that will help reduce bad breath.

1) Anise seed
2) Cinnamon
3) Fennel
4) Cloves
5) Fresh mints
6) Parsley
7) Lemon juice
8) Green tea

Fancy some chilling fruit juice on a hot day? Try this juice recipes at home and you will be on your way to a cleaner, fresher breath!

Juice 1
- 1 cucumber/zuchinni
- Few handful amount of spinach and kale
- 2 slice of watermelon
- 10 strawberries

Juice 2
- 1 cucumber/zuchinni
- 1 cup kale
- 1 lemon
- 1 fennel bulb

Method : Just juice them all together and get it down your throat while its fresh! Do not leave the  juice for more than 10 mins.

Tips : The amount of spinach and kale can be adjusted to your own liking! If you are a fan of celery, you can use them instead of kale.

Stay confident with your clean, fresh breath! xx

Guide to Bras

Psst! If you don't want to be caught by a fashion police because you are showing off your hideous bra straps to everyone, or if you don't know what bras to wear for certain outfits, please continue reading! We've got just what you need!


Want to show a deeper cleavage while wearing a low V dress? Try on a push-up bra for a lift as it has paddings designed to push the bust !

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.33.08 PM                Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.41.34 PM

Feeling self-conscious because the outline of your bra is showing when wearing a t-shirt? Seamless bra is the solution to your problem while providing you ultimate support and comfort as well!


Try multi-way bras for halter tops, low back and racer back tops! The straps are not fixed on the bra and can be worn in any style you want.


Don't risk stretching your breast tissues while exercising! A sports bra provides extra support when you are exercising as it reduce impact and breast bounce.

Love your body, love your boobs! xx

Spring 2014

Time flies! Winter is almost over, and now we've put up some outfit ideas, all ready to welcome spring. Check out the Spring 2014 Fashion Color Report here!

We've chosen a dazzling blue flowy top which gives length to the body and paired it with white skinnies for an elegant look. Gotta love the yellow blazer that adds some happiness to the whole look.

white daisy stud earrings -| pastel yellow blazer - NewLook | blue top - CoastStores | white skinnies - Burberry (cheaper version: PullandBear) | white heels - Asos | white clutch - Modaoperandi | white sling bag - forever21 | white totebag - ForeverNew | white watch - Asos | black stone ring - Mango


The main piece of this outfit is the Hemlock colored shorts. Wear an embellished collar top for an edgy look or choose a jewel top with soft fabric to show the gentle side of you this Spring. Awesome pairing for coffee catch-ups!

ivory collar top - DorothyPerkins | white jewel soft top - RepertoireFashion | sweet arm candy - WetSeal | hemlock shorts - ForeverNew | brown totebag - ForeverNew | white and brown sandals - SperryTopSider


We love throwing on a maxi dress when we are feeling lazy on a Sunday but still want to look good. Why not stay in trend by getting one that has both the colors found in the 2014 Pantone Fashion Color Report! Tie your hair up in a high bun for a pretty, effortless look.

maxi dress - NetAPorter | yellow satchel - YesStyle | white and gold arm candy - CharlotteRusse | brown wedges - TheOutnet | nude matte lipstick - NYX | daisy by MarcJacobs perfume - MarcJacobs


This cropped sweater looks fabulous on its own and is also good for layering during colder days. Good ol' denims never disappoint us! Apply red lipstick for fierceness.

grey cropped sweater - ElizabethandJames | denims - Jades24 | black pointy heels - JustFab | black totebag - NewLook | white collar shirt - WhistlesUK | black teardrop earrings - BodyCentral


Girly glam outfit carrying our favourite Placid Blue color from the Pantone Spring 2014 color palette. Lovely laced top paired with a classic pleated skirt, plus a jewel hairband to accentuate the sweet feminine look!

white lace top - Topshop | jewel hair band - Asos | blue pleated skirt - Zara | white clutch - NastyGal | glitter ballerina flats - JCrew | flower statement necklace - Icing

Have a great day ahead! xx